El Junco Lagoon


El Junco Lake has a surface of 60.000 m2 and a volume of water of 360.000 m3, equivalent to 9 million gallons.  

Its diameter is 270 meters/885 feet and its maximum depth is 6 meters/19 feet. The only inflow of water to the lake is via rainfall. During a drought, the water level decreases up to a 1 meter/3 feet and when heavy rains occur water levels may increase so drastically, that it may overflow and form a stream through the vegetative and agricultural areas surrounding.

The lake is 19 km/11 miles away from the Port Baquerizo Moreno. It is caldera of a now extinct volcano, which is not easy to detect unless the observer has some geological knowledge. 

To access this site you must arrange for guided excursions with local tour operators.


Hiking, birdwatching, photography and filming. 


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