Haven of Peace

Asilo de la Paz


The Haven of Peace is a hill 450m/1,476 feet above sea level, which provides an excellent view of the island. Its main attractions are historical: one is a pirate cave and the other a freshwater spring. The two sites are located in the base of the Hill.

The path to the hill starts with a visit to la semi-natural giant tortoise breeding center, a 10-hectare/24-acre infrastructure designed to enable protection and reproduction of the giant turtles in a semi-natural state that are to the delight of visitors. The pirates cave was the home of the first settlers of the island. The first inhabitant was Patrick Watkins, then Dr. Ritter and his companion Dora Strauch and then the Wittmer family. 
This cave was used by the Wittmers as a provisional structure while they were building their main home.


Walking, photography, and filming.


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