Alieri Hill


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Alieri Hill is located to the east of Puerto Velasco Ibarra, reaching an altitude of 340 m/379 yards. To reach the entrance of this site visit it is required to travel by vehicle for 15 minutes on the main road.

One of the interpretive resources found in Alieri Hill is its vegetation. Of the 48 species identified, 56% are native and 33% are endemic. There are shrubs and trees Darwiniothamnus tenuifolius, Lippia salicifolia, Lecocarpus pinnatifidus, Linum cratericola, Scalesia pedunculata, etc. The latter is a tree that flowers in February and whose population is estimated at a mere 15 individuals. The settlers for a long time refered to them as "the unknown tree" and it was a much more abundant species aproximately 50 years ago.


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