View Point of the Baronessa

Mirador de la Baronesa


This viewpoint is located to the north of Floreana Island, in La Olla Bay. It is a formation of basaltic tuff located between Punta Cormorant and Post Office Bay.

The incline of the trail is fairly easy, with the exception of the last 33 meters/108 feet where the trail becomes steep. However, tiers in this sector have been built for a more comfortable hike. The panga ride allows you to see several marine species such as golden eagle rays, sea turtles, sea lions, and Galapagos penguins. It is an excellent site to study the mangrove.

Red mangrove is characterized by an elongated hanging fruit, the seed that grows is really a new plant of the main plant stem, something rare in the plant Kingdom. The Red mangrove is a pioneer in the coast and has a very durable timber. Other plants include: Cordia leucophlyctis, Lantana peduncularis, Plumbago scandens, etc. This site is especially attractive because on top of its stunning scenic beauty, it has incredible history. It is known via letters from the Baroness Eloisa Von Wagner (referred to in "The Galapagos affair" from John Treherne) that she favored this site and spent countless hours here, observing which, if any, boats were approaching Floreana island.

The ruins of what is known as the home of the Baronessa is located a short distance away (30 m/about 100 feet). From this lookout, the landscape covers the coastline from Enderby Island to Post Office Bay, as well as Straw Hill, flamingo lagoon (Punta Cormorant), and a vast forest of Holy stick.


Walking, photography and filming


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