Cormorant Point

Punta Comorán


Cormorant Point, located on the northern coast of the island of Floreana, consists of a trail with an approximate distance of 720 meters/787 yards, which passes through a lagoon, lookout points and a fine sandy beach. In the lagoon one can be find a considerable population of flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber) and on the beach an area of nesting marine turtles (Chelonia midas). You can also see other species of flora and fauna. At this site are two species of plants that are endemic to the site: hairy Scalesia and Lecocarpus pinaffitidus.  Landing Beach contains a large number of crystals of olivine, giving it a greenish color. These crystals have been expelled from the winds of nearby tuff cones. The crystal was formed when the magma was still underground. 

This is a beach composed of sand and polished coral, which provides the explanation for its soft texture. These types of sites are ideal for sting rays, the same who prefer bays with waves and fine sand, allowing them to escape from natural predators.


Walking, photography and filming


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