Mission and Vision


The Municipality Government of Canton San Cristóbal is a local government responsible for promoting the sustainable development of Cantonal Strategic Planning as a management tool, streamlining projects of works and services with the quality of treatment, solving problems and to satisfy the needs, citizen participation and the full performance of the accounts: with the purpose of contributing to the material and spiritual welfare of the community, strengthening citizenship, fellowship, progress and national unity, within a framework of transparency, Institutional ethics and the optimal use of human resources committed, trained and motivated in the fulfillment of the national development objectives.


The Municipality Government of Canton San Cristóbal will be a leading institution in leading the canton to development and will have a highly efficient international organization that manages quality services and with environmental responsibility that covers the entire population within the infrastructure, they require the development of productive sectors. To promote incentive programs for the economic development and taxpayer of the local society based on the values ​​of sustainability, within a framework of transparency and institutional ethics that guarantees access to citizens' rights and good living.


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