The Galapagos Islands are known for their world class surfing conditions. But San Cristobal is unique because it picks up both North and South Pacific swells equally. The waves average from 1-3 meters/3-10 feet, with tubes of Hawaiian power. Though the Galapagos has waves year-round, the optimal surf season is from November until March.

As you ride the world class waves, you might share the barrel with a playful sea lion, or spot a sea turtle. And between the waves you can rest on the white sand beaches between the marine iguanas and sea lions. The Galapagos truly offers a surfing experience like no other.

The different surf sites:

  • Punta Carola Beach
  • The Canyon
  • Tongo Reef
  • Outer Reef
  • La Lobería Beach
  • Manglecito Beach
  • Lolo Surf
  • Craters
  • Puerto Chino Beach


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