Puerto Baquerizo Moreno


Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is the head canton of San Cristobal and the political capital of Galapagos province. The island is located on the Westernmost part of the archipelago, the island closest to the continent of Ecuador.

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, is the center of the productive activities of the canton and became the provincial capital, regulating the political and administrative activities for the region.

Along the tourist corridor of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is where you can discover the following attractions.



This walkway is intended to integrate natural shoreline spaces with leisure activities and recreation, while maintaining a highly aesthetic element. Local materials such as cut volcanic stone were used in construction, along with endemic and native plants in landscaping.

The Eco-Malecon is the first image of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno when you arrive by sea and has many different sectors:

  • Algarrobos Walkway: Natural area whose name is taken from the characteristic trees that are found in this area, which aim to give shade to pedestrians by way of natural parasols, their foliage offering a living shadow. This sector ends with the wooden walkway over Gold Beach and connects with the fishing pier.
  • Art and Cultural Square: The stage in this zone is used for artistic and cultural activities - both for the local population and for national and international tourists.
  • Sea Lion Square: a tourist attraction, in this place you can observe the charismatic sea lions as they rest and feed their young
  • Heron Pond: in this site, it’s common to site three species of herons

In addition, different parts of the Eco-Malecon are designated, favoring the pedestrian since the highest percentage of area is paved sidewalks. The ocean-front one-way street’s proportion and design invites an ambience of slow travel for automobiles and a bicycle path that covers the entire boardwalk area. The elements that make up the structure of circulation, are planned, to provide facilities for people with different abilities.


Eco-Tourist Artisanal Passenger Pier


This is a floating dock, used to embark and disembark passengers who arrive and depart from the island. At night, you can see a real-life aquarium of fish, sea lions, manta rays and sea turtles. This site was built with materials of the area such as the cut stone. 


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