El Progreso

Progreso Portada

El Progreso, a parish of San Cristobal Island, is located in the Northwestern region and belongs to the canton of the same name of the province of Galápagos, at a distance of 7 km/4.3 miles from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.

“Progress” was the first human settlement on the island. The hacienda El Progreso founded earlier in the century by Manuel J. Cobos, promoted the cultivation of sugar cane and even invented their own currency. In this place, you can see the tomb of Manuel J. Cobos and ruins of his hacienda.

There are nine districts: Soledad, Cerro Azul, El Socavón, Tres Palos, San Joaquín, Las Goteras, El Chino, Cerro Gato, Cerro Verde and the parish center (El Progreso).

Included in the rural area with a surface of: 8,201 hectares with average temperatures of 22°C/71°F - 23° C/73°F. It is at an altitude of 250 meters/820 feet above sea level.

The climate has two well-marked seasons: 
• A rainy and hot season from December to April, 
• and a season of mist, drizzle, cooler temperatures from May to November


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