El Ceibo Treehouse


Exotic, ecological, unique in San Cristobal 


  • Island San Cristobal, El Progreso
    • 7 kilometers or 10 minutes from the Airport (Puerto Baquerizo) 
    • 327 meters/1,072 feet above sea level
    • $1.50 per person admission
    • Lodging USD 25.00 per person. There are three options to choose: above ground, in the tree, below the roots of the tree or camping 
    • Baquerizo-El Puerto Progreso taxi cost $3 
    • 9:00 to 12:30 and 13:30 to 17:30 daily business hours

In 1990, the owner of the place had the fantastic idea of building a tree house, every child’s dream. With their incredible creativity, a few days working only with their spouse and other days with their friends, they undertook that dream and built the tree house in less than three months. At first, the idea was for adventurers to have a private place of peace where they could enjoy a weekend with family. The site became very popular and the owner decided to make the cabin a tourist site so that adults don't forget that little children's dreams come true. This unique story is how it became the first tourist site created by man.

The tree upon which the cabin is resting is a Ceibo tree. Based on its width, it is estimated that it is more than three hundred years old, and has borne a silent witness of the sugar mill of M.J. Cobos, the experience of the inmates and the beginning of human settlement on the island.

According to the people who lived in the upper 'Progress', M.J. Cobos used this tree and others nearby to tie and punish their slave-workers for not following of orders, and it is even said that some of them were hanged in the same tree.

Around the tree, you can see various relics of pieces used in the sugar mill, such as wheels, rails, field tools, pulleys and even a small tank which was engraved with the name of the machine’s administrator, from 1897-1908.

This place is a great example and contribution to the potential of recycled materials, limiting the waste generated by man on the island. More than 22,000 bottles have been used for the construction of a restaurant and cafeteria, while beer crates create the kitchen area and walkways. Several tires have formed a “Caterpillar”, a small area perfect for children to play and explore.

The Casa de Ceibo Tree house offers:

  • A suite nestled in the branches of the tree
  • An underground room (cave of M.J. Cobos) 
    • Restaurant and dance floor built with more than 22,000 glass bottles
    • Relics of the sugar mill
  • Amazing natural spherical rocks (monument to family) 
    • Tennis courts, several recreational games, crafts and many new features.
  • Bow and arrow target practice 
    Patoterapia, ducks with eat out of your hand
    • And the latest of el Ceibo, a climbing wall. Scale the wall of the Ceibo with their respective harness, helmet, gloves and lanyards, and then repel down.

Extraordinary facts
• tree height /-40 meters/131 feet
• Circumference Base 19.25 meters/more than 61 feet 
• Circumference height chest 17.40 meters/57 feet
• Age of the tree, estimated to be more than 300 years
• Circumference with windings 33.50 meters/109 feet
• Dimension Cup Equatorial 29 meters/95 feet
• Cabin built at height of almost 15 meters/49 feet
• Length of suspension bridge 28 meters/91 feet


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